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When Pat Douthitt received a call saying a consignment store had a $50 check for her, she was really excited. She had no way of knowing that the next day she would have the $10,000 winning ticket drawn Thursday for Buy Bixby. The ticket came from Doc’s Country Mart, the second winning ticket from Doc’s in two years.

If good things come in threes, does Pat have one more thing coming? Indians, she said, believe that good things come in fours. We’ll see.

Pat said she had tickets in the hundreds but was not sure how many. Most of them came from Doc’s or WalGreen’s. She has participated in the program since the beginning or seven years in a row.

What will she do with the money? Pay bills, make some donations, and see that her daughters, Cara and Chelsey, students at Bixby High School, have a better Christmas than they had expected.

Her husband…
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