Judy Receiving Her Proclamation from The City of TulsaHow? By going PINK in your shop or store window, having your employees wear pink, serving pinkfood and drinks… whatever you can imagine – nows the time get on board in your community!

What else can you or your business do to goPINKPink window displays, pink lights on the Philtower, pink grass, pink water in fountains… and more!
What’s your idea? Creative passionate people… WE NEED YOUR IDEAS!

Turn Tulsa PINK is a time to focus on the women and children in our community, businesses, families and lives who have battled or lost their battle to cancer. Kindness, Love and Respect is what this campaign is all about.

October 25 – 27 are the dates recognized by the Guardians of the Ribbon, Pink Heals Tour which asks for firemen, police, and others to wear pink. The PINK HEALS TOUR helps raise awareness for ALL women and children who have been affected by any form of cancer. There is POWER in PINK and the color shows women and children you support them! As a liaison for this organization, Breast Impressions is hoping to build a caring, community minded team to make this year’s campaign greater than we can even imagine!

Join the Pink Bandwagon!When you Join the Pink Bandwagon we will promote your business throughout Tulsa County as a company or group of people that

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