Story by City Manager Doug Enevoldson, found in the Bixby Bulletin

Voters in Bixby went to the polls in 2006 and by overwhelming margins approved a $20 million municipal General Obligation (G.O.) Bond issue which provided funding for a variety projects aimed at improving the community and posturing it for future growth.

    With 95% of those projects now completed or underway, and interest rates and construction market prices being at historically low levels, City leaders have scheduled an election for April 5, 2011, to seek voter approval for a new $10 million G.O. Bond issue. Passage would enable the City to continue the progress begun in 2006 to improve traffic safety, quality of life, and public safety in our community. Approval of the four propositions will not raise taxes because of growth in the City’s bond capacity and the retirement of older bond issues.

Because Bixby is one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing cities, both the City’s 2006 and proposed 2011 G.O. bond issues have featured a strong emphasis on improving the local transportation infrastructure to accommodate that growth.

Street Improvement Projects Require Significant Effort, But Well Worth It

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