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As holiday shoppers head back out this weekend, more local communities are offering big incentives to spend their holiday cash close to home.

The City of Bixby is having its Buy Bixby program for the fifth year, and the City of Broken Arrow is having its Buy Broken Arrow program for the seventeenth year.

Participating stores in each city are given an allotment of raffle tickets to distribute. Most stores give one ticket for every $10 a shopper spends. On Monday, December 19, both cities will have their raffle drawings, and shoppers with tickets have a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000.

Both programs have been enough to convince residents to spend more and keep their money in town.

Broken Arrow started the first “buy local” campaign in the area 17 years ago. Then, five years ago, stores in Bixby told Mayor Ray Bowen they were losing too many customers who were going to Broken Arrow to shop in hopes they could win some money.

“So we said ‘well, we’ll start our own Buy Bixby program,'” Bowen said. “And, basically, we had about 56 to 60 businesses the first year. We currently this year are going to have about 85 businesses.”

Each year since…

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