Story by Sara Goldenberg of KJRH

Bixby is now Oklahoma’s 20th largest city, and it’s still growing which means more business and opportunity for the city.

Southern Nazarene University opened its doors at its new location this Saturday, the regal plaza in Bixby. SNU is Bixby’s first university. And another sign Bixby is growing.

“I think it’s going to continue to grow. Bixby’s got a lot of growth from the south side of Bixby. And I think a university like this brings a lot of draw and jobs into the area. It’s really going to help us in the future,” said Mayor Ray Bowen.

Bowen says Bixby’s population has grown 61 percent in the last 10 years. New shopping centers like Regal Plaza popped up. But attracting businesses to fill the store fronts hasn’t been easy.

“The only way that we actually fund our city government is through sales tax,” Bowen said. “So the more commercial growth we can have in Bixby, and the more goods and services we can give to our citizens.”

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