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Though 2011 was a relatively flat year for home sales overall, local sellers and builders are feeling optimistic going into 2012.

Rodger Erker, president of the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors, said he and his colleagues have experienced an uptick in sales over the last month, and he’s hopeful that will continue.

“People are starting to regain their confidence,” he said. “I think people are getting tired of putting off buying a house.”

Rather than experience any sudden upswings, he expects the recovery to be slow but steady.

Additionally, he feels that the rock-bottom interest rates should stick around for a while longer.

“Unless something drastic happens, I’m not sure much could happen to cause them to go up,” he said. “During election years, rates tend to stay where they are.”

Erker believes that home sales in all price ranges will improve…

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