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Tulsa County Commissioner Fred Perry, Bixby Mayor Ray Bowen, were among others present Feb. 24, during a Legislative Luncheon hosted by the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Missing were Rep. Mike Ritze, Sen. Dan Newberry, Sen. Mike Mazzei, and Rep. Fred Jordan who had been called to emergency meetings. All was not lost. Luncheon participants were given a solid base of knowledge on what’s happening locally and suggestions for what Bixby residents should consider “heads-up” legislation.

President and CEO of the chamber, Krystal Crockett, presented the chamber’s 2012 legislative agenda, explaining that representatives of the chamber visit the capitol every month to check on progress, and they will be participating in a Washington fly-in with Bowen.

Bowen pin-pointed items on the legislative agenda, which are vital to Bixby. The first is the support of construction of an additional South Tulsa bridge crossing over the Arkansas River, a project Bowen has been working on for some time with Newberry and Perry.

The second is to “support inclusion of Bixby area projects in the Oklahoma Department of Transportation eight-year plan, including the six-laning of Hwy. 64 from 111th to 151st and an additional lane for the bridge, as well as four-laning of Hwy. 64 from 161st to Mingo.”

The third is…

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