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Jake Briscoe attended Oral Roberts University to earn a business degree, and along the path took an entrepreneur class which touched his heart. Jake passed the pride and go-for-it courage to his father who likes to see people smile when they receive something he’s made; thus, the birth of Alpha Awards.

“Jake knew I always wanted an award business of my own,” said his father Brent. “He kicked me in the tail and said, ‘We’ve got to do it, Dad.’ To make a long story short, that’s what we did.” Now the thriving business is part of SouthPark Shopping Center, sharing a block with the Avon Store, the Good Will Drop-Off Center, D. & D. Shoe Repair and an insurance agency.

“Jake started a valet business while he was still at ORU, and that’s still running although by someone else. He also has a business hanging Christmas lights which is seasonal.”

As Brent spoke during an interview, Jake worked behind him engraving vases for a Tulsa Shock event.

The Briscoe partners purchased their first piece of machinery in 2010. The business started in the family garage and moved to SouthPark in December, 2010.

One reason Brent wanted an awards business is that he had experience in engraving. “I had a background it. Jake has learned how to do just about everything as well.

“Since I had…”

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