Legacy Partners

As we look towards the future, we see our area and Chamber growing even more, and want to continue our work with the level of excellence that we have become known for.  This desire has created the Bixby Legacy Campaign. This campaign will help sustain our organization in the years to come.  Details of this program are below.


The purpose of the Legacy campaign is to aid the Bixby Metro Chamber in achieving the following goals:

  • Achieve a long term viable and sustainable organization.
  • Assist the City of Bixby with the economic development of our area through various avenues including business and residential attraction and retention
  • Be able to act quickly when opportunity arises

Advisory Committee

The funds given through the Legacy campaign will be overseen by a committee appointed by the incoming chairman.  The committee may consist of but is not limited to the current chairman, immediate past chair, treasurer, Chamber CEO, and any other Chamber partners in good standing assigned by the current chairman.  This group will review financials monthly, and meet once a quarter to assure that goals are being maintained and funds managed properly.

Financial Oversight

The funds given through the Legacy campaign will be held in a separate money market account.  Funds will only be dispersed to activities/projects that meet the above vision and receive approval of the oversight committee.   The Legacy funds will be reported monthly to the Chamber Board.

We look forward to the future of the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce and to working with you and your business in assuring our success.