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Back in December we first told you about the air quality problems at Brassfield 5th and 6th grade center in Bixby. The school was closed for a couple of weeks while contractors tore out old carpet and drywall and cleaned up the problem.

We have new information for you now as our kids begin a new school year. Bixby didn’t stop with a little cleaning up around Brassfield, they went quite a bit further. To find out more, I called Marty Foutch, the director of facilities for Bixby schools. He was kind enough to meet me at Brassfield¬†with a tour and explanation of what happened and what was done.

The problem came when mold was found in a few areas in the old building. Those areas were cleaned and sanitized and some were even torn down.

Marty first made it clear that Brassfield is now as safe as a brand new¬†school. “Mainly the things we changed was…


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