Article by Jo-Ann Jennings  found in Bixby Bulletin

In spite of heavy rains which hammered down in Bixby, as well as a large portion of Oklahoma, through the past weekend into Monday, Chief of Police, Ike Shirley, says that compared to other areas, Bixby dodged a bullet. “We’ve been very busy over the last four days,” he said. “Starting Friday night we were paying attention to the storms coming through. The officers did an excellent job taking calls and checking on people.” His sympathies went to those elsewhere in the loss of homes and life.

Fire Chief, Steve Abel, agreed that even though six to eight inches of rain poured into some areas. daily operations continued smoothly. “We did remarkably well. I don’t know of any home that had any damage that’s been reported, and we made no water rescues. A lot of the work the city has done in the past seems be doing what was intended.” Abel said it was also helpful that there was just enough time between rains to keep water under control.

The biggest challenge was a detour which flooded, trapping several families in their homes over the weekend. Public Works Director, Bea AAmodt, said the detour was constructed to give residents in Bixby Ranch Estates a way to get out of their neighborhood while the 203rd St. bridge is being rebuilt.

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