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Bixby Chief of Police, Ike Shirley, hasn’t pulled his hair out yet. He’s proud of the city’s crime record which continues to be low in spite of the fact that he is short on officers and dispatchers, and the department is under construction during remodeling. Sgt. Blake Annis is away, the first Bixby officer to attend the national F.B.I. academy, and two other officers are in their final days of training before they take their place on the streets of the community.

Shirley remains confident. “We’ve been fortunate in this community considering the growth we’ve seen. We will do what we can to educate the community and deal with issues, because we want to maintain the quality of life program people move to Bixby for.”

Two of the most frequent challenges the Bixby Police Department faces are domestic calls and car burglaries.

“We can patrol the streets, but domestic violence is something we have to respond to when it happens. We don’t see the domestic incidents coming. A lot of things come to play in people’s lives, the economy for one, losing jobs, health issues. Sometimes we see people who are depressed, because they’ve lost their job, and then they move on to deeper depression.”

Depression is…

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