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For those who weren’t here last year for Buy Bixby, here are some of the details.

Collect tickets from participating sponsors for a chance to win $10,000 cash or a chance to win one of three additional $1,000 cash prizes or a Cox Bundle for a year.

Attend the Buy Bixby final at Sutherlands, 15050 S. Memorial, 5-7 p.m. Monday, December 19. (Santa will be arriving in a helicopter.) The winning number will be announced. But do not throw away your tickets until all prizes have been awarded. Sometimes it takes awhile to find all of the winners.

Official Rules:

Visit participating sponsors to receive tickets. Distribution of tickets is at the discretion of each individual sponsor.

Tickets must be issued at the time of the visit. If no tickets are offered, the customer should request them before leaving the sponsor’s place of business.

A maximum of 100 tickets may be issued per transaction.

It is necessary to be 18 or older to participate. Proof of age, social security number and home address will be required to claim the prize.

Owners and employees of participating sponsors…

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