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Bixby’s Bentley Park is kid approved, so much so that it’s become a destination spot.  “We don’t have a really nice park like this in Broken Arrow where he can just run and there’s so many things to do,” Melissa Flower told News Channel 8.

Bixby’s city manager says the attraction is by design.  It’s part of a 20 million dollar bond issue passed in 2006.  Street widening projects at key intersections are the latest part of the master plan to improve the area. Tuesday night voter’s overwhelmingly approved 10 million dollar bond to pay for them and for good reason.  The suburbs are booming.  Sheila Lewis says her family left T-town six years ago, and Tulsa native Gina Ousley plans to do the same soon.  She currently lives in Broken Arrow.

The motivation to move to surrounding areas isn’t child’s play.  “We wanted to be in Bixby’s school system,” Ousley said.

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