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The water  is back on in Bixby! OK, the water was never really off in Bixby but they did shut down their splash pads for a few days but Thursday the H2O was flowing again for everyone to enjoy! We found out as we were looking at Facebook (strictly for work purposes of course) and saw the Bixby Bulletin page saying Thursday was the day. So, we donned our swimsuit, found our floaties and headed down Memorial to Bentley Park in Bixby.

When we rolled up the first thing we saw were some pretty happy kids and their moms staying cool in the water. “With the heat being over 100 degrees at noon we’re quite excited to be going somewhere cool, and clean, and fun” Kara Green told us. In the past there has been some issues with bacteria at some splash pads in Tulsa, I asked Kara if that concerned her. “Of course I’m concerned about things like that but I feel like as far as safety the city of Bixby is pretty good about stuff like that so I don’t worry too much.”

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