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In June, the United State Postal Service began conducting a survey of residents living in Jenks city limits who have a Sapulpa, Bixby or Tulsa address, to determine whether those residents should switch to the Jenks 74037 zip code. At the Sept. 6, Jenks City Council meeting, City Manager Mike Tinker released the USPS’s findings.

The survey results, which were gathered via mail, showed the affected areas with the Sapulpa zip code were in favor of the change, while the affected residents in Bixby were not in favor.

The USPS is “working to identify the steps and timelines needed to proceed with change in the Sapulpa territory,” Tinker read in a letter sent to the city.

The results showed the Southern portion of the Bixby area had 98 votes in favor of changing the zip code, and 159 against it. The west Sapulpa zip code had 332 in favor and only seven votes against it.

According to the e-mail sent to the city of Jenks, Sept. 1, the Sapulpa area would be the only area to be updated to the Jenks zip code.

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