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BIXBY – After seeing the success Jenks had in moving more of its residents into the Jenks ZIP code, Bixby officials have decided to launch a similar effort.

According to City Planner Erik Enyart, about 2,863 residents in a 1-square-mile area north of 111th Street in Bixby have a Tulsa ZIP code – 74133 – instead of Bixby’s 74008 ZIP code.

Its boundaries are Memorial Drive and Mingo Road and 101st to 111th streets.

Mayor Ray Bowen said the city is missing out on the collection of use taxes, which typically are applied to out-of-state purchases.

“We want to make sure the city of Bixby gets that tax,” he said.

The city of Jenks asked the U.S. Postal Service to consider consolidating the ZIP code for Jenks residents. The Postal Service agreed to conduct a survey asking Jenks residents with Sapulpa and Bixby ZIP codes whether they wanted to keep their ZIP codes or switch to the Jenks ZIP code.

Most Jenks residents with Sapulpa ZIP codes wanted the switch, but Jenks residents with Bixby ZIP codes did not. The Postal Service has not announced a timetable for the change.

Bixby plans…

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