Story By Doug Enevoldsen in Bixby Bulletin

On Tuesday, April 5, Bixby residents have the opportunity to vote on a $10 million City of Bixby General Obligation bond package designed to improve streets, parks and public safety in Bixby, without raising taxes. Passage would allow the City to continue progress on several fronts to help keep pace with growth in our community and positively impact local quality of life, officials said.

“Bixby voters, by an overwhelming margin, approved a $20 million G.O. bond in 2006, and have now seen first hand the positive impact local infrastructure investments make”, Mayor Ray Bowen said. “Council members have since received many requests from citizens to continue the progress, and this April 5 election will provide  the means to do so. I urge all citizens who are registered to vote to make a point to go to the polls next Tuesday and do their part to help make Bixby even better.”

Voters appearing at the polls will be provided a two-sided ballot listing four separate propositions, each of which need to gain majority approval in order for the complete package of infrastructure improvements to be undertaken. Voter approval would result in $4 million in new funds being allocated for critical transportation projects, $4.9 million for park improvements, and $1.1 million for public safety projects. Voters will also be asked to reauthorize use of nearly $1 million in previously approved funds, to help complete a road improvement project on Riverview Drive, a key Bixby school corridor.

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