Story from staff reports of Bixby Bulletin

“Final tallies for our 2011 City of Bixby G.O. Bond Issue election show all four measures passed by overwhelming majorities, with the average margin of victory being 71%. Passage of this $10 million bond package – which will not raise taxes –  represents a very important, positive step forward for our community,” says Doug Enevoldsen, city manager.

“It will enable us to re-invest in and build upon our existing streets, parks, and public safety infrastructure assets. And in so doing, it will help us keep pace with our rapidly growing population and maintain our community’s attractive quality of life.”

“The bond package clearly responded to our voters’ wishes for their community, as evidenced by the large majorities of support it commanded at the polls. And that was no accident. Our City Council listened carefully to the people and designed a solid package that will help us accomplish a lot of good for Bixby in the coming years. This election also sends a very clear signal to the region that Bixby is indeed a progressive community that’s on the move, one which values its high quality of life, and one which believes in its future.”

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