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The highlight of the July 11 City of Bixby City Council meeting, as far as residents are concerned, may well have been City Engineer, Jared Cottle’s report that 151st St. should be open by the end of the month. There are a few modifications to make, and the striping needs to finished. Then the barricades will come down.

Cottle also announced that by the time school starts August 11, the high school will have a new and nicer entrance. Unlike the separated entrance and exit the school has had in the past, the entrance and exit will be side by side.

The City Council approved a change in the Comprehensive Plan for an area between 151st St. S. and Washington St. between Montgomery St. and Riverview Rd. to be changed to medium intensity. A news story on that follows next week.

Approved also was Larry Whiteley’s appointment by Mayor Ray Bowen to fill a vacancy on the Board of Adjustment to fill the u expired term of Lonnie Jeffries. That term ends May 22, 2012.

Those who want to be in the next citizens’ police academy must get their applications in before August 1.